I waste a lot of my time looking for some answer searching for some clues but in  the end i still got NOTHING

I ask my self “what’s the problem?” coz i believe in the word transparent and 

no matter how rare what my past concubine desire i am willing to make it happen.

for me “doing it together!” its not cheating but doing it without me. maybe thats makes my self felt cheated. what words should i used for you to understand how big and wide is my understanding? don’t put a barrier because all of the people in our surroundings knew about us! i got so many question to ask sometimes i ask it to my self like if the lovers can be much more called parners. i am the type of guy who likes the thrill. helping each other dreams to achived is something like extraordinary. i need to twist the part for someones thought.

I realized how bad i am in my past.

its not a little fox but i am the real snake transformed like dragon 

plays a lot on dungeon. there is no exception even the girl has a relation with (dont need to mention) they look like angels but i saw them like demons. i used my thirdeye and look them on the perfect angle. doing things that i am drunk is hard to remember. 


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